The #1 Myth Keeping You From
Having the Relationship of

Your Dreams

Relationships impact every other area of your life. 

If you have conflict in a relationship, these breakdowns will have a ripple effect on your health, success and fulfillment. (Just think about the last time you had a major fight… how did that impact your energy & focus?)

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling to find a great relationship, you can have an incredible life in every other area, yet still feel like something essential is missing. 

In my 36 years as a transformational coach and relationship expert, there’s one “myth” I’ve seen get in the way of countless people creating the relationship of their dreams.

This single belief is the root cause of so many wonderful partnerships declining over time… due to breakdowns in communication, busy lives, and people just “drifting apart.”

It’s also what stops many incredible women from finding the deeply fulfilling life partnerships they desire… and yet they search and search, without finding what they are looking for.

The myth is that “Relationships should just work.”

Now, you may not believe this consciously. 

You might say, “I know relationships take work,” or, “I’ve been actively looking for a great partnership – I’m not just waiting around for it to happen.”

But when you really dig deep and get honest with yourself… 

On a scale of 1-10, how much are you showing up to create the relationship of your dreams?

Are you making it a top priority… or does it cycle in and out of your conscious awareness as you get busy with life, work, and everything else you’re juggling?

The truth is, most people are willing to invest huge amounts of time and energy into their careers, their health, and raising their families. 

But when it comes to their romantic relationships… they often get put on the back-burner. 

But you’re on this page because you want something different. 

You want a deeply fulfilling relationship that enriches every other area of your life. The kind of partnership that brings out the very best in you – and gets even deeper & richer over time. 

You want great communication… fabulous sex… and to feel that incomparable feeling of being so filled up with love that it overflows into everything else. (Even if you’ve been together for years.)

This may seem like a tall order. 

But I promise you, exceptional relationships aren’t found – they are created. 

If you’re desiring a partnership that’s truly a “10 out of 10,”  you must be willing to completely reinvent what you know about relationships.

… to have a beginner’s mind as you learn communication skills you simply weren’t taught in school.

… to take the time to step outside of your life and create a vision for what you really want (and a clear action plan to create it).  

… to put your relationship at the top of your priority list. 

Are you ready to create the relationship you really want?

Level Up: Relationship

A 3-Day Relationship Intensive
with Gigi & Makena Sage

This Intensive Is For You If…

You’re in a relationship and:

  • You have a busy life, and everything else seems to take priority over the relationship. It’s not that anything is wrong per se – but you have a sense that your relationship needs to be a much higher priority.
  • Your connection isn’t what it used to be… You’ve chalked it up to not being in the “honeymoon phase” anymore, but deep down, you know more is possible.
  • You have recurring conflicts that you just can’t seem to break through on your own. You’re tired of arguing… or just not seeing eye-to-eye on things.
  • Your sex life has stagnated… You have decent sex, but you know it could be so much better. And you’re not sure where to begin.
  • You sometimes feel like you are putting your own desires on the back burner and even when you ask for what you want it does not seem to change.

You’re single and:

  • You’re ready to call in a great relationship, but you’re busy – and this keeps falling to the bottom of your priority list. (And the dating you have done has not given you much faith in finding “the one.”)
  • You want to learn powerful communication skills to bring with you into your next relationship, so you can set yourself up for success from Day 1.
  • You have a sense there may be some patterns or beliefs getting in the way of the relationship you want. You’re ready to dig deep – so you can let them go for good.
  • You’re tired of watching the months & years go by and NOT finding the partnership you desire & deserve.
  • You’re ready to do what it takes to call in the relationship you’ve been longing for. All you need is the roadmap…

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3 Days to Transform
Your Relationships Forever

For nearly four decades, people around the world have been designing the relationships they always dreamed of using the Power Connections™ Method and the Secrets of Power Couples® Method.

This intimate “intensive” seminar is your chance to dive deep into these proven relationship strategies, while receiving laser coaching and teaching from Gigi Sage – an internationally published author and communication expert – as well as her daughter & protégé, Makena Sage.

You Will…

  • Step outside of your world and see what you need to do for YOU. (When you do this, your heart will become lighter and you will feel happier & more confident.)
  • Get crystal clear on what you want in your relationship – and how to create it
  • Learn powerful skills to improve communication and decrease conflict
  • Observe the ‘mistakes’ you’ve made, and learn how to approach things differently
  • Enjoy more intimacy and a deeper connection with your current partner (Or – call in the deeply connected partnership you’ve been longing for)
  • Experience better communication with everyone in your life
  • Feel happier, sexier, and more playful in your life & relationships

This is NOT a workshop where you will learn a bunch of concepts and go home with 40 pages of notes you never take action on. This is an immersive transformational experience.

The skills you learn will transform ALL of your relationships (both personal and professional) for years to come.

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November 11th-13th (Friday through Sunday)


Austin, TX


9am-6pm Friday & Saturday // 9am-4pm Sunday



*Includes daily lunches & snacks

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This event is sold out.

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About Your Guides

Gigi Sage
is an international author, life-transformer, relationship-changer, and the co-founder of Follow Your Aliveness®. She began her career as a coach and trainer in 1986 – and helped pioneer the coaching industry as we know it today. Over the past 36+ years, she’s trained hundreds of coaches and touched hundreds of thousands of people through her books, seminars, programs and retreats... inspiring them to follow their curiosity, become more effective communicators in their personal & professional relationships, and create lives & businesses that truly bring them alive. Her books on relationships have been published in 8 countries, leading to extensive international press coverage, and earning her the title of “man whisperer.” Gigi is a mom to five grown children and four grandchildren, and she loves to travel for work and pleasure.

Makena Sage
is an international coach, speaker, and the co-founder of Follow Your Aliveness®. After growing up in the coaching world, Makena spent 6 years running a successful marketing business, before she “woke up” to the fact that she was financially successful, but totally miserable. That’s when Gigi stepped in, and supported Makena to get clear on what she really wanted, and how to create it. They entered into a formal mentorship and partnered to create the global coaching organization they run today. Despite her early success in business, Makena counts her marriage as her greatest accomplishment, and consistently ranks her relationship of seven years as a “10 out of 10.” Both she and her husband Sunny credit Gigi’s teaching & coaching as the #1 contributor to their thriving relationship. Makena lives in Austin, TX and travels frequently for work and fun.

Success Stories

“Through working with Gigi, I’ve grown so much, and become more of my true self. I’m more accepting, empathetic, and above all – happy. I’ve grown a very successful business with my husband, which didn’t seem possible twelve years ago. But Gigi taught me how to communicate with him so that we could go ALL IN and build our success together.

Her coaching has transformed my relationship, career, and even my family. We are so much more connected, and our relationships have a much higher quality. Everytime I work with Gigi I learn new things, and get clarity about what’s next. That’s why I keep coming back!

Katja Wieland-Kaefer (Germany)

"Since (working with Gigi), so much has changed. I let go of a lot of fear, anxiety and old beliefs that were holding me back. I became more relaxed in business, I also relaxed a lot more with my family. I don’t get angry the way I used to. We don’t fight or nag each other about small things… and if we do, we resolve it fast. Even when we have different goals or visions, it feels like we are all on the same path together.

A few months ago, my husband (who also works with Gigi) took a big job opportunity in Asia and we all moved there together. We are so excited about this new beginning. Today, I feel a grounded happiness that stays with me all the time, regardless of the situations or circumstances going on around me. And I know for a fact I would not be in this place without Gigi. Thank you!”

Reema (Asia)

Gigi, I appreciated your workshop so much. I got insight into something that had affected my relationship with my husband for 9 years. It was humbling, refreshing, and healing. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The tools you offer are practical, simple and revolutionary. And, I had so much fun!

– Julie

Since I met Gigi, my life has changed dramatically. I was already in the midst of change after selling my business, but the change I am referring to is more internal. Through her coaching my life has opened up in ways I had never imagined. The person I thought I was – the person I had trained or been trained to be – was not really me. There was nothing wrong with that person, it just wasn’t the REAL me, and I was neither happy nor fulfilled.

So what has specifically changed? To use just one word, it would have to be relationships. My relationships with my husband, my daughter, friends, relatives, and the world have deepened and grown. Even my physical being has changed; my look is much softer and calmer. When people see me now they attribute the change to a new hairstyle or selling my business, but I know the real reason – I have finally found me. Thank you.

– Deborah (Texas)

As Seen In

What would your life be like with a “10 out of 10” relationship?

Let’s find out…

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