What It Really Takes to “Level Up”
Your Business

You’re here because you’re ready to take your business to the next level… 

But you’re busy

You have a lot on your mind, and a lot on your plate. You don’t have the time to map out your next-level business strategy – let alone put it into action. 

You’re too busy running your business! (Or building your side-hustle while still working a full-time job.)

So weeks go by… then months… and while you’re making progress, it’s nowhere near the level of growth you know you’re capable of.

(Or worse – you may be getting great results without the systems in place to sustain them, so you’re having breakdowns that are getting in the way of your ability to grow & scale.)

You’ve thought about hiring a business coach. But a part of you wishes you didn’t have to spend weeks or months doing one-off sessions, and then having to put everything into action on your own in between.

You wish there was a way to accelerate the process. To get crystal clear on a path forward for your business that truly lights you up & inspires you – and put it into action. 

That’s what Level Up: Business is all about… 

The truth is, you don’t need more “one-size-fits-all” strategies. You can watch all the webinars, buy all the online programs, and still end up feeling totally confused about your next steps.

(Not to mention completely overwhelmed because your to-do list is only getting longer – yet you don’t know what to focus on to actually move the needle and get results.)

What you need is clarity on exactly what you want… a step-by-step plan to get there… and the support to breakthrough anything that could hold you back. 

Are you ready to Level Up?

Level Up: Business

A 3-Day Small Group Intensive
with Gigi & Makena Sage

Space is limited to 12 women...

9 spots left!

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“I'm very clear about my next steps for my business walking out of here. I have an action plan for the next three months, all the way up to what I'm going to be doing for the next year and a half. It was super productive. If you go to this event you're gonna get so much out of this ‒ more than you expected!”

Hollie Hempel

This Intensive Is For You If…

You own a business and:

  • You want to double your business by working smarter (NOT harder) – and you need an outside perspective to help you see your “blind spots” and opportunities for growth.
  • You have a lot of ideas & options in front of you but you don’t know which path to take to create your next-level success with fun & fulfillment.
  • You’re tired of being so busy working IN your business that you rarely get the chance to really work ON your business.
  • You’re great with ideas and making things happen, but when it comes to implementing systems to grow & scale in a sustainable way, you need support.
  • You know it’s time to consciously create your next chapter – and you’re looking for trusted support to help you design your vision & next steps.

You’re starting a new business and:

  • You’re overwhelmed with everything there is to do to take your business from “vision” to profitable reality. You wish you had a step-by-step plan to follow that was fully customized for you.
  • You’re taking action, but your progress feels SLOW. You want results (and to start making more money!) so you can finally quit your “day job.”
  • You feel confused about the best way to market your business. Everyone tells you something different – and you just want a simple plan that works.
  • You often get bogged down in the details or distracted by other responsibilities for weeks or months, without making meaningful progress on your business.
  • Self-doubt or fear of failure have slowed your progress & you’re ready to breakthrough your fears for good

You’re ready to “Level Up” FAST – and willing to do

what it takes to make it happen.

Space is limited to 12 women...

11 spots left!

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“I really valued the support, the input from other women, and the fact that I actually completed some big projects (instead of just theoretically mapping them out). I feel like I got several weeks of work done in one weekend. .”

– Audra Sunderland
Founder: Terra Telehealth

3 Days to Kick-Start
Your Quantum Leap

This 3-day group intensive is your chance to step outside of your world and get out of your head to create your next-level success with energy & aliveness.

We will make sure all your senses are heightened – incorporating a beautiful space, sounds, and experiences crafted to get you into a space of profound clarity and connection to what you really want. Laser coaching and powerful processes will help you dig deep. And once your vision is crystal clear, we will go into action.

This is NOT a workshop where you will learn a bunch of concepts and go home with a mile-long list of ideas you never implement. This is a high-energy get-it-done experience.

You Will…

  • Get crystal clear on a vision for your “next level” success that lights you up & fills you with energy
  • Map out your step-by-step plan and get into ACTION
  • Get an outside perspective on your “blind spots” and opportunities for growth
  • Move through fear & self-doubt (so you can stop putting your dreams on hold – and start actualizing the deepest desires of your heart & soul)
  • Make more money by working smarter – NOT harder
  • Workshop your message / branding / copy / marketing plan, and anything else you need to jump to your "next level" in business
  • Connect with like-minded women who inspire you and become trusted friends and “mastermind partners”
  • Create huge momentum toward your goals that you continue to experience for months to come

Space is limited to 12 women...

11 spots left!

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Event Details


December 9th-11th (Friday through Sunday)


Austin, TX


9am-6pm Friday & Saturday // 9am-4pm Sunday



*Includes daily lunches, snacks & surprise gifts

Space is limited to 12 women...

11 spots left!

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About Your Guides

Gigi Sage
is an international author, life-transformer, relationship-changer, and the co-founder of Follow Your Aliveness®. She began her career as a coach and trainer in 1986 – and helped pioneer the coaching industry as we know it today. Over the past 36+ years, she’s trained hundreds of coaches and touched hundreds of thousands of people through her books, seminars, programs and retreats... inspiring them to follow their curiosity, become more effective communicators in their personal & professional relationships, and create lives & businesses that truly bring them alive. Many of her clients work with her for 5, 10, or even 20 years or more – coming back again and again to tap into their vision for what’s next, let go of what’s holding them back, and step into their next level of success, freedom and fulfillment.

Makena Sage
is an international coach, speaker, and the co-founder of Follow Your Aliveness®. After growing up in the coaching world, Makena spent 6 years running a successful marketing business, before she “woke up” to the fact that she was financially successful, but totally miserable. That’s when Gigi stepped in, and supported Makena to get clear on what she really wanted, and how to create it – and they teamed up to create the global coaching organization they run today. Makena is passionate about helping women become rich, happy, and deeply fulfilled. She believes that everyone was born with a “soulprint” – a blueprint for their best possible life – and it’s her mission to help you discover yours, and make it your reality.

Success Stories

"I tripled my income, and moved into my dream apartment. I had no idea this was possible!"

“Working with Makena helped me rediscover my bigger dreams, and the step-by-step plan to start making them a reality. I got the courage to leave my job and become my own boss.

I tripled my income in a matter of weeks – and now I’m making 4-5X my previous income. I’m booked a month out in my business. I moved into my dream apartment. Opportunities are coming to me left and right.

I had no idea this was possible. I had tried to go out on my own so many times, but I really needed the support & accountability to make it happen. Thank you!"

Tanya Farris (Austin, TX)

“After working with Gigi and Makena my income doubled, then it tripled. I’m on track to earn multiple 6 figures this year, and I’m aiming for 7 figures next."

"Gigi’s helped me to re-structure my life, so I don’t get so overwhelmed anymore. And, Makena's helped me a lot to get clear on my branding and marketing strategy to take my business international. Between the two of them, I felt supported in EVERY area of my personal and professional life.

As a result, I have so much more energy. I’m excited about my next steps. And since I’ve gotten totally clear about what I want, the exact opportunities I asked for keep showing up!”

Danijela Saponjic
Feng Shui Expert & Author (Germany)

What Audra had to say about the "Level Up" event...

What will your life be like when you “quantum leap” in your business?

Let’s find out…

Space is limited to 12 women

11 spots left!

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